Land Registry Lease Plans

The Land Registration Act 2002 requires lease plans for a term of more than 7 years to be registered at the Land Registry. Applications for registration of title should be accompanied by lease plans which should comply with the guidance published by the Land Registry.

Applications will be rejected where the extent of the land cannot be identified from the plan, therefore it is essential to obtain a compliant lease plan to avoid delays in registration.

We are able to produce Land Registry lease plans following a measured survey on site, or, if you have old plans, we may be able to convert these into compliant lease plans without a site visit and therefore at a reduced cost. 

We are also able to produce title plans for first registration, or for the transfer of part of a registered title.

Lease plans are often given little thought until the last minute, which may result in a delayed completion of leasehold transactions.  We therefore appreciate the need for prompt delivery of lease plans, as well as a quick turnaround of any necessary revisions.


For more information or for our help with producing land registry lease plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team..