RICS Home Survey Level 1

A physical inspection will give you a description of each element of a property. This home survey provides an objective view of a property’s condition. However, it is only suitable when buying or selling a new conventional house, flat or bungalow.

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The RICS Home Survey Level 2 | Neil Moran Chartered Surveyors Wingrave

RICS Home Survey Level 2

Our Level 2 home survey is a more detailed inspection to help make an informed decision on a property. You can also choose to have a valuation done with this option.

RICS Home Survey Level 3

Our Level 3 home survey provides you with comprehensive information on the property and is recommended for older, more unusual, altered or larger houses.

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Providing you with the Information you Need to make a Decision on your Future Home

Purchasing a property requires significant investment, so it is important to learn all you can about the building before exchanging. This is the primary role of house surveys, however, they can also advise homeowners of maintenance issues.

There are generally three main reasons behind needing a survey:

When buying a house – In the majority of cases, this is the purpose for which they are carried out. They are distinct from a mortgage lender’s valuation report, which is not a survey, but rather a means for the lender to determine whether or not the property is reasonable security for the loan. Whereas, a RICS Home Survey will advise you of the condition of the property. This information can then be used to assist in price negotiations or to help avoid expensive surprises with issues for which you might otherwise be unaware.

When selling a house – House surveys can identify any defects, which the seller can address, potentially before the house goes on the market if they wish. This can prevent delays in the sales process or unplanned price reductions which can be more costly than repairs.

When staying in the house – House surveys can also inform homeowners of the condition of their property. This can provide reassurance or identify defects and help avoid escalating repair and maintenance costs in the future.

Please take a look at the RICS Helping you choose the right survey document, outlining the survey types.

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