RICS Home Survey Level 2 for a Period cottage in Burford, Oxfordshire

The purpose of a residential survey, often referred to as a HomeBuyer Report, is to help the prospective purchaser make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead, based on the value and condition of the property, and any repairs required. The report covers matters that, in the surveyor’s opinion, need to be dealt with, or that may affect the value of the property.

The Report

The property was an extended semi-detached, two storey, stone late 18th Century cottage – with shared access, private garden and a single garage.

This property was in quite a tired condition, with some remedial works required.

The series defects identified included the chimney stacks, roof and fireplaces. Additionally, there was no current valid certificate for the electrics, and the oil tank was not sat in a bunded (retained wall) location, potentially meaning it did not comply with current regulations. There were a number of recommendations made both inside and outside of the property.

It should be noted that this survey was undertaken before the new guidelines were introduced, so could be surveyed as a Level 2. It would not be possible now and would need to be a Level 3 only.

The prospective purchasers were advised to be prepared to accept the cost and inconvenience of dealing with the various repairs and improvement works reported. However, the deficiencies were generally common in properties of this age and type. Therefore, we were able to advise the client that provided the necessary works were undertaken and carried out to a satisfactory standard, there was no reason why there should be any special difficulty on resale in normal market conditions.

I can highly recommend Neil Moran Associates. My Homebuyer’s report was excellent and extremely thorough on a period property. It was money well spent. The process was smooth and efficient and Neil and Laura answered many questions this property raised. Thanks!

Sara – Residential Home Survey Level 2 – Burford, Oxfordshire