Property Inspection and Accommodation Report for UK Immigration Visa Application in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

In November 2022 we were contacted by the owner of a house in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, wanting to book a property inspection and accommodation report for a spousal visa, for the UK Border Agency. The inspection and report are required by the Home Office to demonstrate and document that the applicant will have adequate and safe accommodation upon arrival in the UK.

The inspection took place two days after the enquiry was received.

Requirements of the Report

Within our report we confirmed the name of the registered freeholder, the names and particulars of the individuals currently residing at the property along with the details of the person requiring the visa. Additionally, we provided information on the locality and accessibility of the residence. 

We are also required to inspect the interior and exterior of the property before completing a questionnaire which confirms the property’s suitability for occupation on the grounds of it being structurally stable, free from serious disrepair etc and with details of the lighting, heating and water supplies.

Finally, the measurements of the house and rooms are provided in accordance with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice (sixth edition).

The inspection was straightforward, and the report was produced and sent to the sponsor of the applicant the day after the inspection took place. This was an exceptionally speedy process as everyone’s diaries aligned on this occasion. Included alongside the report was a copy of the title deeds and title plan, and over 100 interior and exterior photographs documenting every aspect of the property and its boundary.

I was pleased with Neil Moran’s prompt, efficient and professional service. It was delivered in a very timely manner

AK – Accommodation Report – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire